The corona virus has impacted the entire planet in ways we never dreamed possible. We can become infected without realizing it and could potentially die from a disease for which there is currently no cure. Our lives are disrupted, and we are ordered to stay home by the government.      
Such restrictions can be very hard to take, especially by those who have never been told they can only leave home under a small list of exempt conditions. Military veterans experienced total lack of personal control during boot camp, so we can use that experience to help ourselves and others.
Reading the Holy Bible can also help us through these troubled times and remind us that God is in charge. Suggested readings include Isaiah 49:13; Hebrews 13:6 and Psalm 27:1. Also, the Book of Job tells the story of a man whose faith is put through very serious tests.
Please join Emily and me in reciting the following prayer every day:
Dear Heavenly Father.
Please guide us and give us peace as we continue to endure this trial.  We ask your blessing on those who care for the afflicted under trying conditions and bless those who are searching for a cure. Keep us mindful that someday this will be over and we will continue to be blessed by your loving care. We offer this prayer in your Holy Name.



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